Strategy meets Design


1. Kick off
Before research and discovery, we need to first get to know each other through a kick-off session. This can either be a physical, Skype or Zoom call. We discuss your needs and see how our services can be of benefit to you. Nothing beats a one-on-one conversation to get things going.
2. Research & Discovery
Once we agree we can work together, we move into our research & discovery phase. As discussed in our kick off session, you'll receive an initial mobilzation invoice that covers the time for research, discovery and project planning.
3. Contract & Mobilization Payment
It's important to formalise our understanding on the value of the project. Next we present our simple and legal contract and project scope for you to review and sign. Once both parties sign, the 50% invoice cost for the project is issued to you, (unless payment arrangements are milestone-based in the agreement).
4. Design & Development
Time to prioritise your project. We start setting up the necessary infrastructure and development resources.
5. On-going Collaboration
We’re your partner, not your vendor. We ask our clients to participate in a deeply collaborative process. You’ll be in constant communication with our team every step of the way. From the current task to the big picture, you’ll always be part of the conversation.
6. Completion & Launch
Development done and everything is running as expected? I think we are finally ready to push the project LIVE. The final 50% of the project is invoiced. We either hand-over the project OR if desired, we deploy to your new system once final payment is done.
7.Analyze Results
So, now we have finally got the project up and running. Why am I not 1st on Google you ask! No need to panic, we have already done part of the optimisation while in development but that requires more steps, a separate contract and a further engagement of our SEO experts. We monitor for the next month for any bugs or issues that may crop up and fix them at no charge.
Sounds good to you?
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